Introduction of the company

Shing & Partners International Design Group (SPDG), a large international design company with 400 staffs, was founded in Hong Kong in 1993. Taking "innovation" and "intention" as responsibilities, Mr. Eric Shing and many experienced international experts with passions and creativity explore the relations between human and environment through the language of architecture, and approach excellent designs as well as perfect solutions beyond expectations for clients. With many outstanding design awards, the projects of SPDG spread over 60 cities in China and overseas, winning a high degree of market recognition and honors. 


SPDG advocates the concept of “1+3 design”, which refers to conceptual scheme of international standard, strong abilities of project implementation in the nation, and integrated services combining interior design and landscape design. Except for the outstanding design team, domestic subsidiaries of SPDG have gained double Class A qualification certificates of Chinese architectural industry, namely Class A for Construction Engineering Design and Class A for Architectural Design Institute. SPDG has already been one of the most reputable design companies in contemporary China.