Yangshuo Resort Hotel

Location: Yangshuo,Guangxi
Site area:169,000㎡
Building area:35,000㎡
Design time:2006
Awards: Meiju prize——The most beautiful Chinese Hotel Prize, 2014
The first prize of public building award, Guangzhou Outstanding Engineering Design, 2014
Excellence award of the hotel group, HKIA Cross-Strait Architectural Design Symposium and Awards, 2015
The design takes full advantages of the beautiful natural environment, practicing the " Low profile, natural, return to simplicity" design philosophy. It adopts the northern traditional architectural style to reduce the visual height and the building scale. It respects the nature, trying to keep the original trees, while using zigzag building layout to stretch shoreline so that all rooms can have a good landscape. It fully utilizes the site slope, with artful and cubic separation of pedestrian and vehicles to enrich the hotel's exterior image.